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  • World Trade Organization
    & General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

    WTO - Wrecking Animal Protection from Compassion in World Farming on Vimeo.

    The World Trade Organization: Undermining Animal Protection (Global Justice for Animal and the Environment) THE WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION THE NEED TO END ITS DETRIMENTAL IMPACT ON ANIMAL WELFARE

    WTO: The Greatest Threat Facing Animals Today (Compassion in World Farming)

    Eurogroup and WSPA urge WTO to include Animal Welfare in the Agriculture negotiations in Cancun

    Slide Presentation on WTO and Animal Welfare (World Society for the Protection Animals)

    Understanding the WTO: The three trade pillars of the WTO AoA and non-trade concerns (World Society for the Protection of Animals)

    Compassion in World Farming Post-Cancun WTO Briefing

    The World Trade Organisation Rules: A Legal Analysis of Their Adverse Impact on Animal Welfare (Compassion in World Farming)

    Some Possible Ways of Providing a Better Balance Between Trade Liberalization and Animal Protection (Compassion in World Farming)

    The WTO and the New Global Realities: The Impact on Animals by Dr. Stephen Best

    World's Trade Ministers Struggle to Agree in Cancun

    The Animal Welfare Institute at the WTO (Fall 2003)

    Europe Backs Down on Animal Testing Ban (The Independent, 4/9/00)

    Is the WTO A Friend of Foe of Animal Welfare? (RSPCA)

    The World Trade Organization: Democracy for Sale (Nov. 15, 1999, Animals Agenda)

    Dolphins March in the Streets of Cancun: Demonstrators Demand Fairness to Animals by WTO (Animal Welfare Institute)

    Why Dolphins March at the WTO (Animal Welfare Institute)

    The Ins and Outs of the WTO (Animal Welfare Institute)

    WTO anniversary: a thousand people in the street (Environmental News Network)

    Everything you're afraid to know About GATT But Need to Ask by Adam Roberts
    (1994, Animal Welfare Institute)

    Eyes on Trade: U.S. dolphin-safe tuna labeling rule deemed a WTO violation

    Is World Trade Law A Barrier to Saving Our Climate? (Center for International Environmental Law & Friends of the Earth Europe)

    Global Justice for Animals and the Environment is a project of:
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