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  • Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership:
    Free Trade or Caged Animals?


    Farmed Animal Welfare Standards & TTIP: Compassion and Safety Are Not Trade Irritants!

    Action Alert

    Stop the National Pork Producers Council from Using the US-EU Free Trade Agreement to Attack Animal Welfare Standards
    Online Version
    Printable Version (2 sides 1/2 page flyer, print on both sides and cut to make two fliers per sheet)


    TTIP: A race to the bottom (Greens EFA)

    TTIP Talks: What's Cooking?: Perspectives on Food & Farming (The Greens- European Free Alliance)

    Formal Comments

    Trans-Atlantic Animal Welfare Council

    Humane Farm Animal Care


    10 reasons TTIP is bad for good food and farming (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy)

    Q & A

    The European Enforcement Network of animal welfare lawyers and commissioners


    EU Urged to Consider Animal Welfare in TTIP Talks (Global Meat News)

    TTIP will sacrifice food safety for faster trade, warn NGOs (Euractiv.com)

    Opinion Articles

    TTIP and CETA Jeopardize EU Agriculture and Environmental, Animal Welfare and Consumer Protection Standards

    E-Petitions and Online Alerts

    Petition: Include Animal Welfare in Foreign Trade Agreements (Care 2)

    Why would we clean our food with the same stuff we use to clean toilets?


    Joint call for TTIP mandate from Eurogroup for Animal Welfare, Friends of the Earth Europe, and European Consumer Organization

    The safety of Europe’s food is under threat in US-EU trade talks: An open letter to the European Commission US-EU trade negotiators (Compassion in World Farming, Friends of the Earth Europe, and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy)

    Briefing Papers

    TTIP: Beef Production in the EU and US (Humane Society International and World Animal Protection)

    TTIP: ‘Broiler’ Production in the EU and US (Humane Society International and World Animal Protection)

    Leaked TTIP Documents

    European Commission Document on TTIP Sanitary and Phytosanitary Issues

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