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  • Background on Canada and Norway's WTO Challenge to the EU Seal Fur Ban

    Facts About the Canadian Seal Hunt

    Canada Seal Hunt Basic Info (International Fund for Animal Welfare)

    Seal Hunt Facts (Sea Shepherd Conservation Society)

    About the Canadian Seal Hunt (Humane Society of the United States)

    The Canadian Seal Hunt: No Management and No Plan (Greenpeace International)

    Senator Mac Harb Takes Action To End Canada’s Brutal Seal Hunt (Ecorazzi)

    Mohawk Traditional Council: Canadian Tax Dollars Fund Mass Slaughter of Marine Mammals

    Baby seal slaughter: Canada’s shame (National Post)

    EU Bans Seal Products

    European Union Bans Marketing of Seal Products (Environmental News Service)

    Europe Votes to Ban Seal Product Trade (Guardian)

    Canada, Norway, and the WTO vs. Seals

    The World Trade Organization: Undermining Animal Protection (Global Justice for Animals and the Environment)

    Canada threatens WTO complaint over European seal product ban (CBC News)

    Canada and Norway WTO Challenges to EU Seal Product Ban (The Boston Globe and AP)

    Canada to take action against EU over seal product ban (CBC News)

    IFAW condemns Canadian WTO Challenge on EU ban of seal products (International Fund for Animal Welfare)

    Canada Seal Hunt and the 2010 Olympics

    PETA To Target Vancouver Olympics to end seal slaughter (Greenmuse and NowPublic)

    Animal rights group to target 2010 Olympics with seal hunt protest (The Canadian Press)

    Canadian MPs vote to promote seal hunt products at Winter Games (Digital Journal)

    Canada Seal Hunt, Free Trade, and Dog and Cat Fur

    Stop the Seal Hunt and the Trade in Cat and Dog Fur (Humane Society International Canada)

    Canadian government sacrifices cats and dogs for seal hunt (Straight.com)

    Anti-Seal Hunt Websites


    International Fund for Animal Welfare: Stop the Seal Hunt.com

    Humane Society of the United Sates: Protect Seals


    Humane Society of the US: Seals

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society: Defending Seals


    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: Olympic Shame 2010

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