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  • Presentation:
    Free Trade Agreements:
    A Threat to Animals and the Environment

    A Work in Progress

    GJAE is developing an in-depth presentation illustrating the myriad of ways that free trade agreements endanger animals, the environment, and the human rights of communities at the frontlines of environmental defense struggles. The presentation is an ongoing work in progress. Updates in the future will add information about the WTO and cosmetics testing; mass mobilizations in Cancun, Quebec City, and Miami, and Seattle; environmental problems with the South Korea Free Trade Agreement; Panama FTA, mining, and indigenous communities; more photos from GJAE and TradeJustice NY Metro actions; and lots more! In the mean time, we hope you'll find this unfinished version informative, warts and all. We welcome your feedback -- help us improve this presentation! Questions, too! Email your questions and comments to info @ gjae.org

    The current version addresses how the World Trade Organization, NAFTA, and similar trade agreements are helping corporate interests roll back public animal and environmental legislation, violate human rights, and globalize the ecologically destructive and inhumane industrial practices.

    From this presentation, you'll learn how free trade agreements:

    - Exacerbate climate change.
    - Globalize factory farming.
    - Increase global consumption of animal products.
    - Contribute to deforestation.
    - Promote illegal trafficking in exotic wildlife.
    - Undermine campaigns to protect baby seals and other fur-bearing animals.
    - Compromise the safety of our food supply.
    - Destroy indigenous and family farm communities.
    - Allow toxic chemicals to enter our environment.
    - Encourage repression and human rights violations.
    - Endanger dolphins and sea turtles.
    - Undermine local autonomy.
    - And more...

    But along with these grim facts you'll also find humor, stories of inspiring actions, and ideas about what you do to oppose these destructive trade agreements!

    Global Justice for Animals and the Environment is a project of:
    Wetlands Activism Collective
    Phone: (718) 218-4523
    Fax: (501) 633-34761
    activism @ wetlands-preserve.org