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  • GJAE & Allies Take Action for Environmental, Climate, and Trade Justice on Two Continents During Lima Climate Summit

    As representative of the world's governments gathered in Lima, GJAE activists in Peru and the US raised the alarms about the between free trade policy and climate change, about the ongoing war on the environment and environmentalists in Peru, and on the vital need to address unsustainable food systems as a key strategy for combating climate change.

    In Lima, GJAE Latin America coordinator Ana Maria Quispe Piscoya participated in a series of conference and actions, where she spoke on the link between climate change and global food production and the threat posed to global climate by free trade agreements.

    In New York, GJAE collaborated with Peruvian community activists and other environmental, climate justice, human rights, and trade justice activists to organize a demonstration at the Peruvian Consulate, denouncing the murder of indigenous land defenders and other environmental activists and exposing Peruvian President Humala's duplicity in hosting a global climate summit while. pushing for expanded resource extraction in Peru along with two more massive, potentially environmentally devastating trade deals, TPP and TISA.

    In the Shadow of the Summit: As World Leaders Met in Lima for Climate Summit, Activists in Lima and NY Took to the Streets to Demand Real Climate Action and to Protest Humala Administration's Betrayal of Peru's Environment & Its Defenders

    Protesters' Statement

    GJAE Latin America Page



    Flier: President Humala: Stop the Violence Against the Environment and Its Defenders! No to TPP & TISA! No to Corporate Plunder! Yes to Climate Justice!

    Radio Interviews About the Protest

    Media Advisory/Photo Opportunity: On International Human Rights Day, Protesters Stage Die-in at Peruvian Consulate, Demanding Environmental Protection and An End to the Murder of Peruvian Environmentalists

    News Release: INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DAY: Human Rights, Environmental, Trade Justice, Peruvian Community Activists Protest Killing of Environmentalists in Peru at NY Peruvian Consulate

    Las calles de Lima hablaron su repudio a la COP 20 by CABE

    COP20 and corporate power - destroying the edifice of false climate solutions by Alexander Reid Ross

    Articles on COP 20, Environmental Justice Struggles in Peru, and Free Trade Policy

    In-Depth Reports on Environmental Destruction and Human Rights in Peru and the Threat to Global Climate Posed by Peru's Trade Negotiations

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