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  • US-Panama
    Free Trade Agreement

    GJAE Report on US-Panama Free Trade Agrement

    Flyer: Defend Animals and the Environment: Stop The US-Panama Free Trade Agreement!

    Report of the Trade and Environment Policy Advisory Committee on the Panama FTA (TEPAC)

    Humane Society International Addendum to Trade and Environment Policy Advisory Council Report on U.S.-Panama Free Trade Agreement

    THE UNITED STATES NEEDS A NEW PRO-ENVIRONMENT TRADE POLICY, NOT MORE NAFTA-STYLE AGREEMENTS FACILITATED BY THE RECENT TRADE “DEAL” (letter to Congress from Amazon Watch, ForestEthics, American Lands Alliance, Greenpeace USA, and Rainforest Action Network)

    Global Justice for Animals and the Environment is a project of:
    Wetlands Activism Collective
    Phone: (718) 218-4523
    Fax: (501) 633-34761
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