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    North American
    Free Trade Agreement


    Replacing NAFTA: Eight Essential Changes to an Environmentally Destructive Deal

    Report: NAFTA: 20 Years of Costs to Communities and the Environment (Sierra Club)

    NAFTA State Investor Cases and the Environment
    (GJAE slide presentation)

    Sierra Club Replace NAFTA Campaign

    NAFTA’s Impact on Mexico (Sierra Club)

    NAFTA and the Environment (Foreign Policy in Focus)

    Free Trade and the Environment: Mexico, NAFTA, and Beyond (Americas Program, Interhemispheric Resource Center)

    NAFTA and Fracking
    Free Trade Is Fracking With Out Future: How Free Trade Is With Our Future:How NAFTA, FIPA and Other Investment Deals Put Democracy and the Environment at Risk
    English / French

    NAFTA and Pesticides

    2,4-D (Dow)

    Council of Canadians: NEWS: Dow, Quebec settle NAFTA pesticide warning case

    Sierra Club of Canada: NAFTA dispute settlement over Quebec pesticide ban has both sides claiming victory while the real issue still remains - the need to ban NAFTA's investor state clause.

    CBC News: NAFTA pesticide ban challenge settled without money

    Lindane (Crompton Corporation)

    Inter Press Service: Environmentalists Urge Pesticide Fight

    NAFTA, Swine Flu, and Factory Farming

    GJAE Exposes Link Between Swine Flu, NAFTA, and Factory Farming (GJAE)

    NAFTA MAKES US SICK! October 12, 2009 Day of Action Against Swine Flu, Factory Farming, and NAFTA (GJAE)

    The Outbreak of 'Swine Flu' virus, H1N1, Spreads Globally, Sparks Renewed Criticism of Free Trade (GJAE)

    We Were Warned: NAFTA, the Environment and Swine Flu (Op-Ed News, Apr 30, 2009)

    The Swine Flu, Smithfield Farms, and NAFTA (Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach)

    NAFTA and the Alberta Tar Sands

    Alberta's Disastrous Tar Sands and NAFTA: The Tar Sands and NAFTA (Ben Lilliston, Think Forward, January 9, 2009)

    Canada: Losing Water Through NAFTA (Stephen Leahy, Global Research, September 23, 2007

    To be tar-sands free, Canada must be free-trade free (Maude Barlow, CCPA Monitor, May 2010)

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