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  • As Dow Uses NAFTA to Undermine Lawn Chemicals Ban, GJAE and Allies Protest Dow Sponsored Global Greenwash Event

    In April 2010, Global Justice for Animals and the Environment and a coalition of environmental, human rights, and animal rights rights groups united to hold Dow Chemical accountable for a global legacy of toxic pollution, wildlife poisoning, and human rights atrocities.

    Reviled by communities around the world for atrocities like production of the Agent Orange used in Vietnam and for failing to take responsibility for the Bhopal disaster caused by Union Carbide, a company currently owned by Dow earned the ire of trade justice activists in 2009 by bringing a NAFTA state investor case against Canada over a ban on toxic cosmetic lawncare chemicals in Quebec. To green its image and cover up its efforts to undermine envronmental protection in Quebec and other places, Dow sponsored the the Live Earth Run for Water on April 18th.

    Dressed as Dow PR executives, Grim reapers, corpses, toxic chemical sprayers in hazmat suits, and Dow employees giving away free samples of polluted water, activists blockaded the finish line and exposed the inherently farcical nature of Dow's cynical PR ploy.

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