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  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership:
    A Major Threat to Global Climate

    Welcome to the website of Global Justice for Animals and the Environment (GJAE). GJAE is a grassroots organization that works in opposition to NAFTA-style free trade agreements that corporations use to attack our environmental laws. Currently, we are campaigning to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a secretly negotiated trade deal that threatens to expand production and export of rainforest destroying biofuels, fracked liquid natural gas, and GHG intensive foods like farmed shrimp and pastured beef.

    The objective of this page is to share information on the TPP and what YOU can do to stop it!

    We invite you to watch our short video on the TPP's threat to global climate and the environment.


  • Learn more by watching these videos of climate activists speaking out against TPP.

  • Read the Sierra Club's report RAW DEAL: How the Trans-Pacific Partnership Could Threaten our Climate.

  • Read 350.org's infographic on TPP and climate change.

  • We can still stop TPP! The agreement is still being negotiated and Congress has yet to vote on it. After the November election, pro-TPP members of Congress are expected to introduce "Fast Track" legislation to help rush TPP through Congress. Under Fast Track, members of Congress will be prohibited from introducing amendments to TPP that would strengthen environmental rules and prevent the agreement from exacerbating climate change. Urge your Senators and Representatives to vote against ANY Fast Track trade legislation, even if it is repackaged with a new name like "Smart Track" or hidden within a larger spending bill. Any bill containing Fast Track trade authority language MUST be opposed! You can find out who represents you in Congress and how to contact them here.

  • Sign our online petition to stop TPP from exacerbating climate change.

  • Learn how TPP will expand trade trade in rainforest-destroying Malaysian palm oil, a climate change false solution.

  • Learn how TPP will expand fracking and liquid natural gas exports.

  • Learn about GJAE's effort to expose climate duplicity by the US and Peruvian Presidents -- calling for climate action while pushing climate killing trade deals and supporting socially and ecologically devastating extraction projects -- by Protesting Peruvian President Humala during the UN Climate Summit in New York in September 2014and protesting at the Peruvian Consulate in New York during the UN's COP 20 Lima Climate Change Conference in December 2014. GJAE's Lima Branch also joined the march and the People's Summit during the Lima conference.

  • Print and share our informational fliers. Run a letter drive to stop TPP using our form letters. You can find both here. Collect the signed form letters and mail them to the address at the bottom of the letters.

  • Join our email list receive TPP news and information on action opportunities

  • Make a donation to Global Justice for Animals and the Environment to support our efforts to stop the TPP.

  • Contact us to learn how you can volunteer to help stop defend fight climate change by stopping the TPP! You can call us at (718) 218-4523 or email info @ gjae . org (no spaces). We also offer internships!
  • Global Justice for Animals and the Environment is a project of:
    Wetlands Activism Collective
    Phone: (718) 218-4523
    Fax: (501) 633-34761
    activism @ wetlands-preserve.org