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  • Help GJAE bring thousands of postcards opposing the Bush/Obama trade agreements to Congress!

    URGENT: Volunteers and Donations Needed to Help Enter and Fax Thousands of Postcards Before Congress Votes on Colombia, Panama, and South Korea Free Trade Agreements!

    Three years ago, in conjunction with the release of The Battle in Seattle, a feature film about the mass protests at the 1999 Seattle Round of WTO talks, Global Justice for Animals and the Environment launched our Cinema Outreach Project. GJAE activists went to movie theaters showing documentaries on environmental, human rights, and animal rights issues to educate moviegoers about the threat to the environment and animal and human rights posed by NAFTA style free trade agreements and to provide them with an immediate action opportunity -- signing postcards in opposition to these agreements.

    Since fall 2008, we've collected thousands of signed cards addressing a wide spectrum of trade-related issues including AIDS drug access, economic forced migration, climate change, marine mammal protection, indigenous rights, extractive industries, the use of cats and dogs for fur, food safety, factory farming, and forest preservation. In addition to film screenings, we've also petitioned at activist conferences, protests, rallies, benefit concerts, educational forums, and other events. At Earth Day New York's annual Earth Fair we collected drawings by children expressing their desire to see Congress prioritize the protection of dophins, seals, and other animals endangered by free trade agreements.

    With votes on the Panama, Colombia, and South Korea Free Trade Agreements expected to take place in July 2011, we urgently need look up and the names of the signer's elected officials, dataenter, sort, fax, mail, and deliver the cards to members of Congress.

  • Join us on Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17th for a petition preparation party in Astoria, Queens. We'll enjoy food and music as we prepare cards to send to Congress. If you'd like to help, please call (917) 310-7356 email info @ gjae.org to RSVP so we can give you directions.
  • You can also come to help any other day – we're working 7 days a week from morning until night to make sure that every card gets to Congress before the vote. You can work from the space where we're coordinating the effort, or pick up cards and work on preparing them from home. Again, If you'd like to help, please call (917) 310-7356 email info @ gjae.org to RSVP so we can give you directions.
  • Donations are URGENTLY needed to defray costs including copying, faxing, postage, and cardstock (we need to copy each cards to send to four different elected officials along with keeping a copy for our records). Plus for the first time in GJAE's history, we're paying people to help complete the card preparation. While we urgently need volunteer help, volunteer hours won't be enough to finish the job in time if we don't also have full-time paid help. Your donation will be put in a special earmarked fund to be used EXCLUSIVELY for costs associated with getting these cards to Congress.

    You can donate online using this button:

    If you'd like to check out some of the excellent films we petitioned at, here are the links to their websites:

    Battle in Seattle

    The Cove

    If a Tree Falls

    Impunity: What Kind of War for Colombia

    At The Edge of the World

    Crude: The Real Price of Oil


    The Age of Stupid

    Capitalism: A Love Story

    The Yes Men Fix the Word

    FLOW (For Love of Water)

    Baeder-Meinhoff Gang


    The End of Poverty

    Carbon Nation

    Chow Down

    Bold Native

    South of the Border

    The Economics of Happiness


    No Impact Man

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