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  • GJAE Exposes Link Between Swine Flu, NAFTA, and Factory Farming

    On Monday, October 12, 2009,. GJAE activists in New York and Tucson held demonstrations to expose the link between NAFTA, swine flu, and factory farming. The current swine flu epidemic is believed to have spread from a US-owned factory farm in Veracruz, Mexico, set up in the wake of NAFTA's liberalization of agricultural tariffs to exploit Mexico's weak health and environmental standards. The action was held as part of the International Day of Action for Trade Justice, part of the Global Minga in Defense of Mother Earth and Her Peoples held from October 12-16 called by the IV Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples of Abya Yala, a gathering of indigenous representatives from 22 nations.


    New York - In New York, GJAE activists, including a protester dressed as a pig wearing a swine flu mask, held an educational picket at the office of Senator Kristen Gillibrand. The goal of the action was not to shame Senator Gillibrand, but to put her on notice that radically reforming US trade policy is essential to preventing deadly disease epidemics. At the end of the protest, the group marched to the Peruvian Consulate to join a coalition rally and march against gold mining and free trade. Read the press release from this action

    Tucson - GJAE Tuscon activists educated Arizonans by dressing like pigs, handing out flyers, and discussing the connection between Swine Flu and NAFTA. The public response was generally polite and kind, and most people had no idea that the disease came from a Smithfield farm in Mexico


    1)Read GJAE's flyer on the NAFTA/swine flu/factory farming connection-Flyer:NAFTA MAKES US SICK! :Swine Flu, Factory Farming, and NAFTA. At the end of the flyer, you'll find information on how you can contact your elected officials on this issue.

    2)Print these petition cards and try to get as many signed as you can. Mail completed cards to Global Justice for Animals and the Environment, 15 Thames Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206.

    3)Learn more about the NAFTA-swine flu connection by reading these articles.

    4)Organize an action on this issues in your community. For organizing advice contact GJAE at info@freetradekillsanimals.org or by phone at (718) 880-7979. Let us know if you'd likean editable version of this promotional poster to encourage turnout at your event.

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